Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing catch up

No, I haven't disappeared!  I just moved...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pepper got adopted!

That's right!  There was never a doubt in my mind that Peps would end up in an awesome Forever Home.  We got an application from a lovely family out in the country, and I immediately knew it was a great fit for her.  Lots of space, and more importantly, lots of love from a very special little girl.  So we all piled in the new Jeep (Yay!  No more rides in the hot burp!) and took Pepper to her new home.

"Where are we going now??"
Not enough room in the front seat for errbody.

Caption this in the comments.  What is Pepper thinking about as she drives away from us forever?

We started out in the city...

But before you even knew it...


Tobes, dreaming of living out there someday where he can chase squirrels till he drops.

We drove through lots of country, but in the end it was worth it for Pepper to come home for the first time to her lovely owners.

What a lovely family!

Please forgive the blurry shot!  This little girl had everything ready to go for Peps, including a new collar, harness, leash, bed and toys!

Goodbye, Pepper!  We loved having you, but even more, we loved helping you find your family.

*All photos original to Brooklynne Boston

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pepper's Progress: Week 5

My apologies for the blog hiatus.  A couple of weekends of travelling and lots to do at work added up to no picture posts for a whole two weeks (or was it three?  Man, I'm really out of it!).  Either way, all that time added up to Pepper getting her last treatments and making her final strides toward looking completely healthy (she's been completely healthy since the first treatment, but she's just looked like a rescue trainwreck).  But now Pepper's lookin beautimous and ready to find her forever home!  I'm surprised she's still available since she's been one of the most adoptable dogs I've ever fostered, and has been with me far longer than any of the others.  I guess it just goes to show that looks do go a long way, and all the pups I've had have been presh.  But now that Peps lives up to the adorable Boston Terrier standard, maybe she'll go quickly!

It's almost like she's a different dog, especially if you look back at photos from when we first got her.  I'll give you a reminder...

Oh how far she's come!  Spread the word about Pepper -- I want her to spend as much of her small life as possible with a forever family that will love her like she deserves.  To adopt Pepper, simply email us at or comment below.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why we do this

I haven't gotten a chance to really lay out here why me and Sam have decided to rescue dogs, just for sheer lack of time and energy (rescuing + a full time job + life is serious business!) but this girl has just laid it out in a poignant way that I hope I'll be able to do someday.  Dogs are being put down every day simply for lack of space (and many times, they're put down quite cruelly).  But really, how much space do they take up?  A spot for a bed to sleep in and some food to eat.  A moment or two during the day to play with you.

I say that at the risk of sounding overly dramatic -- I'm not the type of dog person that is under the impression that "my dogs are like my children" or "I like my dogs better than humans."  They're dogs.  But if you could give them a second chance at life, why wouldn't you?

Go here for a pretty accurate portrayal of the way things work in the rescue business.

P.S.  Pepper's lookin' pretty great, and I'll be back with an update on her in the next few days!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pepper's Progress: Week 3

Every day that we have Pepper, the more attached we become (but no worries, 2 BTs is plenty for us!).  She's now finding her stride when it comes to potty training, and Toby and Olivia have finally warmed up to her constant begging for their attention. (she literally wouldn't leave them alone until they played/cuddled with her, so now they just give in right away :) )

I've got a lot of pictures of her to get through, here, but here are some notes of her progress, first.  Her scabs are almost completely gone.  Her skin has almost completely returned to it's normal, not-flaming-red-scaring-ppl-at-the-dog-park state, and in the patches where she lost hair, it's visibly growing back in force.

where there was none, now there is some.

Due to the amazing Labor Day weather, we all packed up in "The Hot Burp" to head to the dog park.  The Hot Burp is our second car that is reserved for such potentially stinky and messy occasions as moving furniture and carting the dogs around.  Thanks to my sister Lauren for the name, inspiration for which was drawn from the Oldsmobile's red velvet interior and the fact that the AC is broken.


Pepper giving O the stink eye.
T and O are dogs of the "hang your head out the car window" variety...

...of which Pepper is not, so she didn't have the best seat in the house...

Sorry Peps!
Toby and Olivia always know right away what's up when we get in The Hot Burp.

Peps doesn't understand the significance of this outing yet.  All she knows is she has some tail in her face.  

Off we go!
After a summer of record heat, and on the first day of 75 degree weather, needless to say, the park was packed.

This was Pepper's second trip to this park, and she was surprisingly laid back and confident for an 8 month old puppy!
She, T & O made some friends with tons of other dogs...

....and even some humans!
We were lucky enough to run into Tom and Becca at the park, who are new owners of an adorable labradoodle named Luther.

Pepper was such a hit that some nice ladies even offered to give her, T & O their very own stylish bandanas.

Ole blue eye got a perfect color match!
And O got one to match her collar.  I love how that color pops against their black fur.  Rumor is these same nice ladies might be making some "adopt me!" for future rescues -- I'll keep you posted!  

Shwew!  Well, that was a lot of pictures for one trip to the dog park!  But we were there for quite some time, revelling in the sunshine!  Me and Toby even went on a bike ride after we got home, soaking up the last of the Labor Day goodness.  As far as Peps is concerned, I think in about two weeks, she'll be as good as new and hopefully will have someone waiting to adopt her.  Are you interested in bringing her into your life?  I think Peps would be happiest in a family with a kids and a stay at home dad or mom that could keep her busy 24/7!  Comment below or email me to get more details about the adoption process.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pepper's Progress

Welcome back to Week Two of Pepper's rescue makeover!  Pepper has had quite a week making new friends and learning new tricks!  She's starting to heal, but had another hump to get over before the hard times were done for good -- getting spayed.  The procedure went well, but it put her out of commission for a day or so.  But now she's back at em, so let's see how she's improved!  Make sure you take a look at pictures from last week to get a good idea of what's changed.

After just one week with us, Pepper's already making the transformation back into a puppy.

Though her scars are still there.  After the second dip, her scabs have all but disappeared and the redness is gone, but her skin is still patchy, and in places like her neck and face, very rough.  Hopefully by the time she's done with treatment, that won't be the case.

Pepper and Sam share a moment...

But Olivia, ever vigilant and just a tiny bit possessive, keeps a close eye on the new girl in town.

One of Pepper's favorite pastimes is to keep an eye on the birds out on our porch.  However, with the temps over 100, she doesn't get to stay out there very long!

I don't care who you are, this picture has to make you smile a bit.

It still hurts to look at her though.  As Sam would say, she is starting to look more like she lost a fight with a razor instead of a fight with a lawn mower.

Pepper looking a little wet after her second dip treatment.  You can already see that the places where she has hair are starting to grow in thicker and more evenly.  But she still has a ways to go.

She sure has that head tilt on tap!

I might start posting bi-weekly updates on Pepper, depending on how quickly the healing process goes.  Either way, check back here for Pepper updates as well as some posts on rescues past!  I can't wait for you to meet some of the sweet pups we've helped to find new homes.