Monday, August 29, 2011

Pepper's Progress

Welcome back to Week Two of Pepper's rescue makeover!  Pepper has had quite a week making new friends and learning new tricks!  She's starting to heal, but had another hump to get over before the hard times were done for good -- getting spayed.  The procedure went well, but it put her out of commission for a day or so.  But now she's back at em, so let's see how she's improved!  Make sure you take a look at pictures from last week to get a good idea of what's changed.

After just one week with us, Pepper's already making the transformation back into a puppy.

Though her scars are still there.  After the second dip, her scabs have all but disappeared and the redness is gone, but her skin is still patchy, and in places like her neck and face, very rough.  Hopefully by the time she's done with treatment, that won't be the case.

Pepper and Sam share a moment...

But Olivia, ever vigilant and just a tiny bit possessive, keeps a close eye on the new girl in town.

One of Pepper's favorite pastimes is to keep an eye on the birds out on our porch.  However, with the temps over 100, she doesn't get to stay out there very long!

I don't care who you are, this picture has to make you smile a bit.

It still hurts to look at her though.  As Sam would say, she is starting to look more like she lost a fight with a razor instead of a fight with a lawn mower.

Pepper looking a little wet after her second dip treatment.  You can already see that the places where she has hair are starting to grow in thicker and more evenly.  But she still has a ways to go.

She sure has that head tilt on tap!

I might start posting bi-weekly updates on Pepper, depending on how quickly the healing process goes.  Either way, check back here for Pepper updates as well as some posts on rescues past!  I can't wait for you to meet some of the sweet pups we've helped to find new homes.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Pepper

As I promised, I'm bringing you a post today about my brand new foster puppy, (Yes, puppy! She's only 8 months old) Pepper. Or Pepper Potts, or Paprika, or Paprikash (Any "When Harry Met Sally" fans out there?) or Patches, or the myriad other names I call her. This lucky girl came with her cute name, but Patches, as you will soon see, might be more fitting for her.

(A heads up to you now -- the photos below of Pepper aren't very pretty! There's no gore or anything, but she's got a skin problem and if you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this one. If not, read on!)

See, the reason Pepper was surrendered to us was because Pepper had a severe case of demodex, or as it's more commonly known, mites. Her owner couldn't afford the treatment, so she surrendered her to us.

And are we glad she did! We immediately took P to the vet and got all of her shots taken care of, in addition to getting her dipped (she has 4 dips to go before she'll be completely healed of the mite infestation) and getting her medication (as a result of the mites being untreated, she contracted a bacterial infection on most of her skin).

When Pepper first came to me on Saturday, she was extremely timid and seemed very exhausted. After our visit to the vet, she curled up on the couch and slept for hours. But once she got her nap, her medicine and some food in her, she turned into a puppy again! She does the adorable puppy run that we all know and love, and she loves to wrestle and play with Toby and Olivia. She's already mastered "sit" and "stay," and follows me when I go to get the mail.

Pepper's a good dog that got caught in a bad situation, but I'm so glad she's here now! Pepper will be available for adoption in about a month, once she's all healed up. During that time, I'm going to share some photos of her with you, and we can track her healing progress together on a weekly basis so you can see some of the good work that the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas does (they paid for all of the vet bills, and will also pay to have her spayed next month!). It's also a good way to demonstrate that a lot of dogs come to us, young and cute and healthy like Maggie and Buster, but more often than not, there's a little recovery involved for these poor pups! But if you put in the time and the love, you'll get a best friend in the end. (So cheesy! But it's true.)

So let's take a look at Pepper as she is now (but hopefully won't be for long).

Is this Pepper? Not yet! But I took a photo of Pepper to Pixelmator to draw out a cartoonish idea of what Pepper might look like in about a month! Please excuse the rendition, it was my first time and I'm no graphic designer. On to the real Pepper!

It's easy to see how infected Pepper is, but especially when she's laying next to healthy-as-a-horse Olivia. Maybe soon they'll start looking more alike.

There's a whole lot of CUTE under all of that RED!

Here's the before. Check up a few photos for the after!

The vet said that Pepper's mite problem was worse than the illustration in his handbook!

She may be a little beat up, but she still has that adorable "Huh?" puppy move down.

Check back here for more updates on Pepper and life at Brooklynne Boston! I'll be posting a weekly assessment of her recovery in addition to regular updates of goings-on around here!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm excited to announce that within the next few days, I should have a brand new foster to share with you all!

But until then, here's a video of Toby and Olivia chewing on their favorite new treats, almonds. It's so cute, they must have a hard time chewing them, because they smack their lips for five minutes after I've given them one!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Trails

My second foster was a little different than my first. Meet Buster. Well, actually, when he came to me, his name was Tennessee, which was kind of a mouthful, albeit cool, so I just called him Buster while he was with me.

Something I've learned about adopters is that they tend to want to change the adopted dog's name once they get them, almost invariably. So I just find a name that fits them (to me) in the mean time to get them used to being called a name they don't respond to :)

Buster definitely fit his name in that he was a bit of a handful. Buster was (I talk as if he's dead or something) as sweet as pie, but had a knack for getting into trouble. Not to mention that despite being 30 lbs, he had paws the size of a labrador's and was, thus, quite clumsy. Despite that, however, Buster's forte was climbing fences, one time escaping from a dog run and hi-tailing it into a nearby lake. But he was definitely fun to foster when he wasn't getting into actual trouble.

Btw, I hear his name has now been changed to Simon.

In other news, I got a new beach cruiser a couple of weeks ago and have been looking for new places to take it. Toby and I snooped around a little and found this awesome bike trail. It winds through the woods, goes across grassy plains, and crosses over big, awesome-looking bridges.

Even though the trail was cool, it was still pretty freaking hot out (no pun intended). You can see how ridiculous it was by Toby's face. He's like, "Wth, I'm standing here in 100 degree heat and you're taking PICTURES?!" Toby sounds a lot like my husband Sam, sometimes.

Toby and I found a little stream at the end of the bike trail, so we took a minute to cool off before turning back around to go home.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Formal Intros

I'd like to start off by introducing 1. Toby and Olivia and 2. One of my former BT tenants, courtesy of the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas. So first off, here are some pics of my painfully adorable Toby and Olivia. Toby is very regal, and thus, I don't get a picture of him looking relaxed and happy very often. However, point a camera at O and she practically poses with a boa around her neck. Yes, I personify my dogs. Sometimes. In my head. Look at the pictures already. (Please disregard my weird red hair in one of the pics below -- it was a phase. As was the sparkly pleated catholic-school-girl-meets-curtain top I was wearing.)

Toby gets lei'd. Come on, it's all I got.
O taking a wrinkly-faced nap on a long car ride.
What's that? A camera? Just give me a second to get adorable...
They snuggle. It's cute.
After our morning run.

Keep scrolling. No bad hairdos to see here.

My first foster, and my favorite so far, was Maggie. She was an owner surrender after she had to have some costly surgery, but she made a complete recovery and was completely delightful, a good way for us to get our feet wet in the fostering world.

Maggie's "Please adopt me" face. It worked!

P.S. Check out a vid I made of Maggie before she left me! After this hit Facebook, it was only a matter of hourse before she was spoken for.

And so it begins.

...but really, it's been going on for some time now. My love for the city of Boston as well as the breed of dog that carries its namesake. But before we get to all of that, let's back up.

Welcome! My name is Brooklynne, and as much as the title might make it sound like I do, I no longer live in Boston. However, I used to. And in my cherished and fondly-remembered time there, my husband and I purchased a black and white bundle of love known as a Boston terrier puppy. Cliche, right? Get over it. Thus began my love affair with the city as well as the breed, as me and Toby (aforementioned bundle), discovered Beantown together.

We ventured daily into the centuries-old city, so filled with historical wonder, and soaked up the culture, the sights and the smells (which were varied and not all great, I assure you). But in just two short years, and 1/8th of Toby's life, we had to leave.

So now, we're in Dallas, but we're both still Bostonians at heart. We added to our Boston collection last year when we purchased Olivia, a smaller version of Toby, who has been a delightful addition to our little family.

I'm starting this blog for a number of reasons:

1. I like reading blogs. I'm also a writer, thus, it follows to write a blog.
2. I long to post my photos somewhere besides Facebook.

but most importantly...

3. I have recently started fostering for the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas. Every couple of weeks, I have a new pug-nosed visitor rotating through my house. I love each new one just as much as the last, and I don't want to forget them once they go off to their new homes! Also, who doesn't love looking at pictures of cute puppies? Or maybe horses are your thing. To each his own.

This will likely be a catch-all for my life updates, but who can tell now? We've only just begun.