Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pepper's Progress: Week 5

My apologies for the blog hiatus.  A couple of weekends of travelling and lots to do at work added up to no picture posts for a whole two weeks (or was it three?  Man, I'm really out of it!).  Either way, all that time added up to Pepper getting her last treatments and making her final strides toward looking completely healthy (she's been completely healthy since the first treatment, but she's just looked like a rescue trainwreck).  But now Pepper's lookin beautimous and ready to find her forever home!  I'm surprised she's still available since she's been one of the most adoptable dogs I've ever fostered, and has been with me far longer than any of the others.  I guess it just goes to show that looks do go a long way, and all the pups I've had have been presh.  But now that Peps lives up to the adorable Boston Terrier standard, maybe she'll go quickly!

It's almost like she's a different dog, especially if you look back at photos from when we first got her.  I'll give you a reminder...

Oh how far she's come!  Spread the word about Pepper -- I want her to spend as much of her small life as possible with a forever family that will love her like she deserves.  To adopt Pepper, simply email us at or comment below.  


  1. She looks AMAZING! You guys are great foster parents. Pepper is a lucky little girl. I hope she finds her forever family soon.

  2. Thanks Anna! We love her so much and want the best for her. Added bonus: I don't get nasty looks at the dog park anymore from people who think I would let my dog get that infected!

  3. You have done a super job with this little sweetheart! We, too, have a puppy mill rescue who has come back from a seven pound, scant fur and no strength in her back legs. She had three litters before she was 19 mos. we were told. Is that even possible? She's strong now and despite a few allergies, is healthy. We love her so much and she is learning to play and trust. Aren't they wonderful!!