Saturday, August 13, 2011

Formal Intros

I'd like to start off by introducing 1. Toby and Olivia and 2. One of my former BT tenants, courtesy of the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas. So first off, here are some pics of my painfully adorable Toby and Olivia. Toby is very regal, and thus, I don't get a picture of him looking relaxed and happy very often. However, point a camera at O and she practically poses with a boa around her neck. Yes, I personify my dogs. Sometimes. In my head. Look at the pictures already. (Please disregard my weird red hair in one of the pics below -- it was a phase. As was the sparkly pleated catholic-school-girl-meets-curtain top I was wearing.)

Toby gets lei'd. Come on, it's all I got.
O taking a wrinkly-faced nap on a long car ride.
What's that? A camera? Just give me a second to get adorable...
They snuggle. It's cute.
After our morning run.

Keep scrolling. No bad hairdos to see here.

My first foster, and my favorite so far, was Maggie. She was an owner surrender after she had to have some costly surgery, but she made a complete recovery and was completely delightful, a good way for us to get our feet wet in the fostering world.

Maggie's "Please adopt me" face. It worked!

P.S. Check out a vid I made of Maggie before she left me! After this hit Facebook, it was only a matter of hourse before she was spoken for.

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