Monday, August 29, 2011

Pepper's Progress

Welcome back to Week Two of Pepper's rescue makeover!  Pepper has had quite a week making new friends and learning new tricks!  She's starting to heal, but had another hump to get over before the hard times were done for good -- getting spayed.  The procedure went well, but it put her out of commission for a day or so.  But now she's back at em, so let's see how she's improved!  Make sure you take a look at pictures from last week to get a good idea of what's changed.

After just one week with us, Pepper's already making the transformation back into a puppy.

Though her scars are still there.  After the second dip, her scabs have all but disappeared and the redness is gone, but her skin is still patchy, and in places like her neck and face, very rough.  Hopefully by the time she's done with treatment, that won't be the case.

Pepper and Sam share a moment...

But Olivia, ever vigilant and just a tiny bit possessive, keeps a close eye on the new girl in town.

One of Pepper's favorite pastimes is to keep an eye on the birds out on our porch.  However, with the temps over 100, she doesn't get to stay out there very long!

I don't care who you are, this picture has to make you smile a bit.

It still hurts to look at her though.  As Sam would say, she is starting to look more like she lost a fight with a razor instead of a fight with a lawn mower.

Pepper looking a little wet after her second dip treatment.  You can already see that the places where she has hair are starting to grow in thicker and more evenly.  But she still has a ways to go.

She sure has that head tilt on tap!

I might start posting bi-weekly updates on Pepper, depending on how quickly the healing process goes.  Either way, check back here for Pepper updates as well as some posts on rescues past!  I can't wait for you to meet some of the sweet pups we've helped to find new homes.


  1. She is precious. Thank you so much for all you do:)

  2. Y'all are so good to her. I know she will heal much more quickly being with y'all. You're great foster parents!

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